Hardox Steel Trailer Bodies

We specialise in the use of high strength and long lasting Hardox and Domex steels, which provide a robust and versatile body. We provide options for any application, including two-way tail doors, buried hoist, cover systems and more. Get in touch with the team to find out more.


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TR Group 2 Axle Semi Trailer

 This Hardox body features a high lift, air operated tail door with a double hinge mechanism.

As a safety feature, the air rams are installed with protection guards and the double hinge allows the tail door to still function if the air operated system is unable to be used.

At full height, safety lock pins can be fitted to allow access into the back of the body. An adjustable air valve at the back of the chassis can be used control the descent of the tail door.



  • 7.5m Hardox Body

  • 8mm Hardox floor with 6mm Sides

  • Cowl Mounted Hoist

  • LED Tail lights with Stainless Steel protection Bars

  • Protection guard fitted across the rear of the trailer to eliminate material falling under the rear and damaging the rear axle and suspension

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T&G - Trailer rear protection guard


T&G - Trailer safety deck prop Standard on all 7.7m 5 axle Trailers


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