Hardox Steel Truck Bodies


We specialise in the use of high strength and long lasting Hardox and Domex steels, which provide a robust and versatile body. We provide options for any application, including two-way tail doors, buried hoist, cover systems and more. Get in touch with the team to find out more.


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Heavy Metal Haulage

This body incorporates T&G’s new automatic slider tarp system featuring a state of the art Razor electric winder. The rear pulley tensioner and return wire is integrated into the body , limiting the risk of damage. The drive system is built into the bolt on spill guard, providing ease of access while keeping it out of harm’s way.


  • 6x4 Fuso with 4.9m Hardox Body

  • 5mm floor and 1 piece 4mm sides

  • Cowl Mounted Hoist

  • Front Mounted Safety Deck Prop (Standard)

  • LED Tail lights with Stainless Steel protection Bars

  • Two-way tail door system with single manual bar lock

Featured Components


T&G - Custom control console


T&G - Custom drawbeam mount with integrated jacknife warning system


T&G - Custom glove box fitted on muffler protection plate


T&G - Custom tool boxes and water tank options


T&G - Ferry tie down points


T&G - Hella LED Combination tail light options with Stainless protection bars


T&G - Hella LED tail lights


T&G - Razor control unit for electric covers


T&G - Safety check prop Standard on all trucks


T&G - Custom toolboxes and Mudflap Bracket options