Aluminium Truck Bodies

We use only the highest quality 5454 H34 High Tensile 6mm aluminium plate, with more thickness options available on request. The proven rolled radius and sectional side design provides locked in bin strength and long lasting integrity.

Our truck bodies are tailored to meet your individual business needs, Get in touch with the team to find out more.


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Rooney Earthmoving

Rooney Earthmoving required a truck body that would stand up to the everyday demands of their industry.

This body incorporates a front manual roll elliptical tarp system. With the adjustable handle and “cube 3” right angle winder, the cover is able to be opened and closed while standing safely on the ground. 

The taildoor features T&G's own adjustable ladder system, allowing access even when the hoist is raised.


  • 6x4 Mercedes  with 5.2m Alloy Body

  • 6mm Aluminium floor with 6mm sides

  • 8mm Aluminium taildoor

  • Cowl Mounted Hoist

  • Under Body Safety Deck Prop (Standard)

  • Hella LED Tail lights

  • Over centre grain door

  • Taildoor steps with T&G’s integrated adjustable ladder system

Featured Components


T&G - Custom control console


T&G - Custom drawbeam mount with integrated jacknife warning system


T&G - Custom glove box fitted on muffler protection plate


T&G - Custom tool boxes and water tank options


T&G - Ferry tie down points


T&G - Hella LED Combination tail light options with Stainless protection bars


T&G - Hella LED tail lights


T&G - Razor control unit for electric covers


T&G - Safety check prop Standard on all trucks


T&G - Custom toolboxes and Mudflap Bracket options