Project Yasawa

In 2009 while holidaying in Fiji, T&G’s managing director Mike Stevenson and his wife Wendy visited a very remote village and school in the Yasawa group of Islands.

The school, village and community were in desperate need of help, the school had no stationery or equipment and the village water supply was a major problem. What started out as a few stationery supplies and learning equipment has now grown into a large scale project, with major developments in the school and village.

The Fijian people are well known for their happy go lucky attitudes and enjoyment of life, there is always laughter around the village.

We would like to acknowledge and thank two companies who have helped and supported T&G’s vision to improve this community. Since day one, Peter and Margaret Burson from TATES NZ have been more than generous with their contributions. They have visited the island on several occasions and have been able to see the differences that have occurred.

Recently Luke Matheson from Real Steel Ltd has come on board; his substantial contribution has also provided some well needed assistance to the village. Thank you Luke.

If you would like to contribute to this very worthwhile cause, please contact us. Any contribution would be very much appreciated. There is so much more work to be done!

The following photos show some of the work that has been completed over the past eight years.


Major Sponsor for Project Yasawa Fiji

Baukama School & Community




Village & Community Projects to date


Solar powered water
pump station

 Community and school

water tank storage — target
500,000 litres of fresh
drinking water

School stationary supplies

Kindergarten equipment and
stationary supplies

School deck built

Concrete footpaths

School generator plant

Sports uniforms

School uniforms

Sports equipment

Replace computer lab
inverter and batteries

Printer and computer
for office

Ablution block water
tank pump

School bursary for
top student leaving
Bukama for mainland
high school education

Top 10 student awards

Annual Christmas party
prize giving

2017 school refurbishment
and re-paint

Medical supplies

Village shop with solar
powered freezer to sell
frozen food to the

Emergency food supplies
for the community after
Cyclone Winston

Purchased 4x4 Vehicle


Special Thanks for Your Support

Tates2   realSteel2

Christmas prize giving

The T&G annual Christmas Party is one of the highlights of the year for the Bukama Village School. The company presents the top student a bursary award to help fund their high school education on the mainland. Several other awards are also presented and a big party is held with lots of Christmas goodies

Yasawa Kindergarten

Bukama school also has its own kindergarten setup by T&G who provided all the equipment necessary for this very cute little classroom! There is much laughter and fun in this class.

School and Community Deck

The deck provides the school with extra classroom space as the school is still short one classroom, so much more to be done. The deck hosts many functions and the T&G Christmas party is held on this every year.

Bukamu Playground

The Bukama playground is a great place for the kids to gather and enjoy the equipment that has been provided by T&G. There is a trampoline, swings slides, jungle gym bars, two seesaws and recently a flying fox has been added.

Bukamu Rugby Uniforms

Along with Kurki, we we have been able to kit out the local junior rugby team with a uniform they can wear with pride.

Solar powered water Pump Station

T&G have also funded a solar powered water pump station that provides much needed water for the village community. T&G's Todd Stevenson traveled to Fiji and stayed in the village to help organise and build the pump station. Thank you, Todd. 

Future projects

T&Gs CEO Mike Stevenson addressing the School & Village Community about future projects to be completed under Project Yasawa.

Bursary Award

A very emotional Student after receiving the Bursary Award for $1000.00 Fijian dollars from T&Gs CEO The Average wage in Fiji is between $3.50 & $5.00 per hour So receiving $1000.00 is a lot of money for the Fijian people. Very Happy & very Special people.

Village Vehicle

A 4x4 Vehicle was purchased by T&G and TATES NZ (Bursons Family Trust), this was donated to the village to help getting around this very remote island. This vehicle recently help save a life by getting a sick patient from another village to the air strip for urgent medical attention on the main land. 


A very special thank you to Peter and Margaret Burson for helping fund this vehicle as a joint venture donation

Vital Water Storage

Water Tanks have also been provided by T&G & Tate’s NZ to the community to supply Fresh Drinking Water to the Village & precious rain water is collected of the Village Roofs for this, during the very Dry months it can not Rain for 3 to 4 Months, so Water is very precious in the Village


T&G provides annual medical supplies to Bukamu School & also the Village community, there are no Doctors or Nurses based on the Island & “Urgent “ Medical attention requires a plane trip to the Mainland T&Gs CEO Mike Stevenson visited the Island in December for the annual Xmas Party with Nurse Janice Wotten, she saw a number of Children & it was great to have the medical supplies on hand.